Mina olen Kertu ja ma olen bioloog, kunstitudeng, raamatukoi, fantaasiafanatt ning unistaja. Aastat 2018 alustasin ma kahe kuuga Islandil. Siin blogis kajastasin ma oma tegemisi sel ainulaadsel põhjamaisel saarel, tule loe ja saa minu seiklusest osa 🙂

Minu truu reisikaaslane on Öökull, kellele lisaks söömisele meeldib väga ringi rännata. Seega ei piirdu siinne blogi enam ainult Islandiga, vaid kajastab ka meie teisi seiklusi.



I am Kertu and I am a biologist, art student, bookworm, fantasy lover and a dreamer. Year 2018 brings me to the land of ice and fire – Iceland! For two months I’ll stay in a small town named Laugarvatn. Here you can read (in poor English, which hopefully gets better and better each day) my discoveries about art, myself and Iceland.

For more pictures you can check out my Instagram (just click on the camera icon just below the blog’s title).

PS: There is always an English version of the text at the bottom of the post after three stars (***). But this only applies to my travels in Iceland, sorry about that!


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